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Field court Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate 

Our  crepure Excellence Powder is a crapure made from non-animal raw materials. Creatine has important functions in our body and is mostly ingested through animal foods, which is why supplementation makes sense for everyone to cover their creatine needs.

Creatine and its effects

Creatine is a carbon-nitrogen compound synthesized in the kidneys, liver and pancreas. It is formally derived from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine and is 90% present in the skeletal muscles, where it plays the main role in energy metabolism: if the energy store (ATP) in your muscle cells is used up, creatine phosphate comes into play, which your muscles makes new ATP available at short notice.

Creatine is particularly important for athletes because it promotes maximum strength values ​​in strength training and reduces cell damage in endurance sports. Creatine is also interesting for recreational athletes because it influences brain and nerve function. Since creatine can only be produced by the body to a limited extent and the rest has to be ingested through food, additional supplementation is generally recommended for every active person.

Creatine is partly made by the body itself and partly ingested through food. The largest sources of creatine are fish and meat, although the content here is also relatively low. For 5g of creatine you would need to eat around 1kg of beef. Dairy products contain small amounts of creatine, plant foods hardly any.

31,65 €


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